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The River Music Academy is located at 34 Merrill Street in Amesbury, MA. We are pleased to offer classes in: piano, vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, drums, drama, percussion for kids, songwriting, violin/fiddle, and ukulele. Our outstanding teachers are excited to enrich your life through music. Music provides children and adults alike with a means of self-expression and in turn, self esteem. Studies show that early and consistent exposure to music improves children's academic performance. The explanation lies in music's ability to affect brain development. Children who engage in musical activities end up with stronger literacy, language, and math skills. They also typically have higher SAT scores and are more likely to graduate from college. Music education actually rewires the brain in the same area where one develops math, language, and spatial reasoning skills. Students will gradually learn cooperation, patience, and communication skills necessary for everyday life. Music performance also teaches all to conquer fear and take risks. The benefits of musical education are endless and will last a lifetime. Contact us to learn more or sign up now to reserve your spot!

River Music Academy features four musical suites, state of the art equipment, a comfortable waiting area, facilities, and ample parking.


34 Merrill Street

Amesbury, MA 01913

Tel: 978.376.7986    

​Email: Hawksworth_6@msn.com

  • M-F: 2PM-8PM, Sat: 9AM-3PM

  • All sheet music and books are provided.

  • Ask about careers and internships.

  • Gift Certificates make a great present for any occasion!

  • We are now offering a special competitive rate of $25.00 for a half hour session and $50.00 for an hour lesson. This price is for all classes we provide and includes all materials used! 

  • We are one of the only music schools in the North-shore area to offer individual drum lessons featuring two acoustic drum kits!

  • There is no contract or minimum amount of required classes to sign-up for. Schedule a trial lesson with us today!

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